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West Coast Refrigerated LTL Trucking Company

Our Services: Refrigerated LTL Freight Delivery, Logistics, & Warehousing

LTL Freight Delivery & Refrigerated Trucking Services

At SSI Refrigerated Express, we specialize in LTL freight or ‘Less Than Truckload’ shipping and delivery services throughout the West Coast and the Southwest. When it comes to LTL freight, some trucking companies do not want to bother with less than a full truckload and will sometimes even charge a full load price for partial shipments. This is not true with SSI Refrigerated Express. We handle all types of LTL freight, specializing in refrigerated and other temperature controlled goods.

When you need a trucking company to pick up and transport your refrigerated, dry, or temperature controlled LTL freight, SSI Refrigerated Express should be at the top of your list. Whether or not the delivery is LTL or a full load, we can handle the job. Our fleet includes safe, professional, and incredibly reliable late model Freightliner Cascadia’s with 53’ Great Dane Thermo King Reefers.

If you have an LTL freight shipment or any delivery that you need delivered on time, call us for a freight quote and discover how our trucking company can help you today!

Refrigerated LTL Freight Services & More

In addition to providing superior LTL freight delivery services throughout the West Coast and Southwest, we also offer complementary services including full truckload shipping, logistics services, and warehousing. Our shipping and delivery services are available throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Our complete range of services available includes:

LTL Freight Shipping: Refrigerated Trucking Services
  • Refrigerated LTL Services – This is our primary service in which we specialize. We have the equipment and the experience to take care of any refrigerated LTL shipment throughout our service areas.
  • LTL Service for Dry Goods – We can also provide LTL service for shipments that do not need refrigeration or temperature control. We promise that these shipments will be delivered on time and as scheduled.
  • Truckload Shipping for Both Dry Goods and Temp Controlled Goods – Have a full truckload that needs to be delivered? Although we specialize in LTL shipments, we can handle any sized freight load for delivery within our service area.
  • Logistics Services – We can offer logistics management in all areas of transportation including management of transportation and delivery, material handling, warehousing, and any other logistics needs you may have.
  • Warehousing – We offer warehousing services for temperature controlled goods as well as dry goods or any other LTL freight.

Contact SSI Refrigerated Express for All of Your LTL Freight, Shipping, & Logistics Needs

When you need any type of shipment delivered, you want to make sure it gets there on time without any damage. SSI Refrigerated Express has the experience to ensure that your freight makes it to the intended destination on time and in perfect condition. While we are specialists in refrigerated LTL freight services, we also provide affordable transportation services for full truckload shipping of refrigerated, dry, and temperature controlled goods, logistic services, and warehousing.

As a trucking company committed to excellence and service, we strive for your trust and confidence to ensure a long-term relationship that benefits everyone. Whether you need a shipment moved or delivered or you require other services, contact SSI Refrigerated Express for freight quote today.